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Finding Florida Podcast Has Adventures from Country to Coast

May 2, 2019

We wrap up our tour of festivals galore with Jaime checking out the music, crawfish, and beer at the Cajun Crawfish and Music Festival in Palm Beach Gardens. There were cooking demos, local celebrities, classic Bourbon Street drinks, amazing cajun music bands, and LOTS of crawfish!! Listen in as Jaime catches up with her third EVER podcast guest, Jay Cashmere of WPTV/WFLX, at his cooking demo. And, she also chats with event MC, Virginia Sinicki of the KVJ Show, on what it takes to put on a good festival in Florida. And, did we mention crawfish???

This is the third part of our adventure full of festivals. So, if you missed episodes 18a and 18b, go back and take a listen to those, first. Glenn flew solo at the Sun 'n' Fun International Fly-in and then joined Jaime for the Hatsume Japanese Fair.

And, this episode is dedicated to Ann Knight. She was my costar last October in the indie movie So Much Blood and was a delight to work with. And, even though she was in her late 70s, she really stole the show! The people who put the Cajun Crawfish and Music Festival together were all friends of hers who loved and miss her. So, this episode is dedicated to you, Aunt Ann!!

Finding Florida Podcast Episode 18c:

Cajun Crawfish and Music Festival in Palm Beach Gardens

Tour Guide:  Jaime "Jemmy" Legagneur, Co-Host and Chief Enthusiasm officer:

Tour Guide: Glenn the Geek, Co-Host and Chief Fun Officer:

Link to Sound File for Sight Impaired: Click Here

Pic Credit:  Finding Florida Podcast

Stop: Cajun Crawfish and Music Festival in Palm Beach Gardens

Guest: Rocking Jake of The Rockin Jake Band

Guest: Jay Cashmere, News Anchor for WPTV and WFLX Fox 29

Guest: Festival-goers and friends Linh, James, Cindy, and Joe

Guest: Jason Pennington of The KVJ Show

Guest: Jenny Sardone-Shiner from Via Productions Inc.

Guest: Karrah Kelly, Development Coordinator at Little Smiles of Florida

Guests: Virginia Sinicki of The KVJ Show

This Episode is Dedicated to: Ann Knight from So Much Blood

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Our Adventure Agenda for Episodes 18b & 18c:

Let's explore some festivals!!

  • Glenn checks out the fun from the air flying solo at the Sun 'n' Fun Fly-In in Lakeland
  • Glenn and Jaime reunite for some cosplay at the Hatsume Japanese Fair at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach
  • Jaime eats her weight in crawfish at the Cajun Crawfish & Music Festival in Palm Beach Gardens on April 20th from noon to 9pm. Join her there to cap off this adventure for episode 18c! There will be authentic cajun cuisine, cooking demos, local celebrities, classic Bourbon Street drinks, and even Zydeco music...

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